What to post here?

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How to choose a name for your new page

The names of the pages are more than just the heading. These names are part of the actual URL to the pages. This, and many other reasons, make it preferable if the page names are short and concise.

Personality and author identification

Every written text has marks of the personality of the author, but the nature of a wiki is that every text written will be re-written by a large number of others. Sometimes the style of the text is changed, sometimes just details of the facts are changed. In any case the documents have more than one author. Signing an article manually by adding a name to the end of it is often confusing and can be misinterpreted. Instead use the history function if you want to see who wrote what on a page.


If there are any questions about the content of a certain page, write about it on that page's "discussion" page. Each page on the wiki has such a discussion page. Try to keep the main pages clear of personal reflections.

Copyrighted material

All material written by somebody is copyrighted, even if the material has been published elsewhere, for example on a web site or a mailing list. So, if you want to copy that material, in part or as a whole into the wiki, make sure that you have the author's permission to do so. When the material has been posted on this wiki, however, the copyright statement becomes a bit fuzzy. You probably have to be a lawyer to get this right, but technically the material is still copyrighted and the copyright is held collectively by all the authors that has contributed to the page.

Even links to copyrighted material may be tricky, especially if the material was in an email. Unless the link refers to an official mailing list archive, you have probably copied the material. That is, technically, a violation of the copyright.

However, many of the emails of mailing lists are not very well formed, espescially if taken out of context. Taking the essence of these emails and writing a new article about the same subject on the wiki might circumvent the copyright issue as well as improve the form, thus making the information more accessible.


Information about, and links to, plugins should be posted in the appropriate section. Just make a new page for your plugin and link to it where it is appropriate.

Entertainment vs. information

Most of the content of this wiki is about information. However, if someone feels the need to add articles on a more personal basis, such as reciting historical anecdotes for entertainment, feel free to do so. For this kind of content, the guidelines for personality, author identity and personal reflections are, of course, not applicable.