Tutorial Face Selection Strategies

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A simple SDS model of a wheel and tire. To change to proportions to resemble that of a passenger jet tire, the four perimeter rows of faces need to be selected.


The loop tool makes this a simple task. Set edit mode to "Edges", select an edge in the center of the tread area.

Hold down the ctrl key and click twice on the loop tool. This selects corresponding edges in the two adjacent loops on either side of the loop containing the initially selected edge.

Image:Tire_loops2.jpg Image:Tire_loops3.jpg

Now, hold down the shift key and click on the loop tool. This selects all of the faces in any loop that has a selected edge, in the direction of the loop.

Change the edit mode to "Points"; this is a crucial step. Switching the edit mode to "Faces" at this point would result in nothing being selected; as there is no face that has all of it's edges selected.

Image:Tire_loops4.jpg Image:Tire_loops5.jpg

Finally, change the edit mode to "Faces"; the desired faces, painlessly selected.