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The Realsoft3D manual has a section of troubleshooting to solve some problems you may encounter. Probably you have some more tips to add to this collection.

The topics are in the same order as the manual.


User Interface

Geometric objects

Boolean operations

Z fighting on surfaces
Check that the booleaned objects don't have overlapping surfaces. Extend one of them just a bit to fix the error.


Overlapping Fade Maps Not Fading
try setting the recursions higher and/or the recursion threshhold lower on the render settings you are using.


I've got a "Distant Light" in my scene but it's all black.
If you have a "Distant Light" in the same scene as an "Environment" (from the Layers/Environment menu), or another sphere that encloses the scene, all will be black until you check "Shadow Invisible" for the Environment geometry.

Network rendering


Can't see a material mapped using channels assigned to vertices?
Maybe you're sending the material to the wrong channel. For example it may be assigned to Exterior instead of Surface. Exterior material properties are useful only when light travels from one transparent material to another one (such as refraction calculations). Change the copy assignment to surface:scope=copy(surface:MudScope)
Mappings Gone Haywire
Have you mapped a material to an object and noticed that after you move or distort the object the material doesn't look right? You might need to use map2obj for the mapping, then make a new material with input set to UV coords. See the materials part of Harry for details.
Combining Surface Properties and Surface Geometry shaders and it's not working?
Sometimes it seems necessary to evaluate Surface Geometry shaders before Property shaders, especially if some variables are used in both.
Create a bump map with the drop down menu?
Apparently this has a bug. Make it with VSL objects instead


You've used UV Sets and the textures go all over the place when you pose your model
You may have bound a UV set to one of the skeletons. Open the UV window and move a bone. If the UVs move then this is so. You can unbind it if you can find it.
Can't get skeletons to work properly?
Join the club. (Did you find this answer useful?)

Linux Specific

Have you customized your Property Window to Death?
Realsoft saves the customized windows into your

$HOME/.realsoft/windows folder. Delete the 'Property Window' file.

Next time you start the program and open the property window you should get the default property window (which you can find in /usr/local/realsoft3d/windows folder).

Keep crashing while editing in OpenGL?
You probably have an ATI graphics card. The problem is being addressed.
Program won't run?
You probably forgot to install OpenMotif (or some of the other necessary stuff)

Windows Specific

Your Property Window won't open when you double click on an item in the Select Window
See previous answer for Linux Specific. In Windows XP each user has a directory called .realsoft under c:\Documents and Settings\UserName. I deleted the whole directory and started again.
Or try clickin "Force to Screen" under startup options.

Macintosh Specific

Bought your Dad a Mac laptop hoping Realsoft for Mac would soon be released?
Garage Band