Simple UV Set tutorial

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This tutorial gives a simple example on UVSet creation.


  1. Create a W6 H7 polygonal sds sphere from top view

  2. Select top faces, press UVSet, Select bottom faces, press UVSet.

  3. Open a view window, make sure it's square *
  4. Set its camera to orthographic, view to top
  5. Zoom in/out so the sphere fills the view

  6. Select both UVSets and click 'From View'

  7. Close view window, open UV Editor
  8. Make sure both UVSets are selected and press Unwrap UV a few times

  9. Activate the Size tool and enlarge the UVs so that they're about half width of the UV view
  10. Move the upper part to the upper part and lower to lower
  11. Merge the UVSets
  12. Select the upper side edge from the top view window, you'll notice that two edges are selected in the UV Editor. We want to connect these edges, so we have to flip the upper part

  13. Select the upper part and use the mirror tool (horizontally) to flip it
  14. Move the upper part down so that the edges touch

  15. Select both edges and press Connect
  16. Rotate and scale the UVs so that they cover as much of the UV view as they can.

To use the UVSet coords, map all stuff to it instead of the actual object

  • The view area is translated straigth to uv coords, so they'd end up distorted otherwise