Rendering Environment Maps

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This article gives a short description on how to render lat/long environment maps in RS3D.

  1. Create a sphere at the 'map center', make it small enough so it doesn't intersect the environment
  2. Create a new material that has Surface Finishing - Surface:Illumination=RayTracer(Coordinates, Normal, Color) in it. Set RayCount to 1 and Randomness to 0.
  3. Check that its preferred mapping is default mapping
  4. Apply the material to the sphere
  5. Select the sphere and click Materials->UVImage
  6. X/Y should be 2, so set the size to 256*128 or higher
  7. Set type to Surface Shading, add some samples if needed and render
  • If you want to use the environment map in properties->col->texture map, you might have to rotate the sphere before creating the UVImage
  • Set Randomness/RayCount to higher values to blur objects further from the map location