Mapping Fractal Colour Shapes

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Juha Sinnari's Cool Fractal Shaders

  • Based on Richard Swingwoods awesome FREE Realman Plugin for RealsoftV5.x

Garry Curtis February 07 2006.

A tutorial for Realsoft3D V5+

Beginner/intermediate level.



Mandelbrot Fractal

Above we see a typical Mandelbrot fractal , thanks to Juha Sinnari and his cool Mandelbrot shader . This shader (and the also very interesting Julia Fractal shader) was created by Juha using Richard Swingwoods very cool Realsoft plugin , Realman !


Julia Fractal


First we'll need to install Richards RealmanPlugin . Get it from Richards site . Install it and make sure the install points to your Realsoft Directory (it most likely will) , then start RealsoftV5.x to make sure that the install has inserted itself properly . To do that , select the Materials Tab in the Select Window and right click , and the drop down menu should include a New / Realman Material (see screen capture below) . If the New / Realman option does not show up make sure the rmmat.dll is in your Realsoft Plugins directory . Computers with multiple install of Realsoft3D may cause Reaklsoft to look in the wrong directory .


Check Your Realman Install

Step #2

Next step is to D/L the file and decompress it , then place the 2 resulting Projects anywhere you like . Suggestions may be to add them to a new folder you create in your Realsoft3D/Samples Folder . Create a new Folder there and name it Fractals . Now start Realsoft and select the Samples pulldown menu from the main menu at top , and go down to Fractals and Lo & Behold , there are your new Fractal Projects ready to be loaded and rendered .


Simply Add it to Your Samples Folder

Juha's 2 Example Projects

These 2 projects Julia-Example and Mand-Example are actually created by none other than Juha Sinnari himself . Originally Juha did load the actual realman .c-code to the list and then a couple days later uploaded the entire project so that all the user may have to do is just hit the render button and zoom a round a bit and re-render .

Let's Modify the Colouring a Little

Load the Mandelbrot Project and drag and drop the Camera 22 into the viewport window and hit the render button to see what this shader will produce .

  • Note *It is compatible with Realsoft V5.x so if your getting error messages better jump on the Realsoft3D mailing list and ask about what could be wrong

Then , select the Material Tab from the select window and you'll see one material there , our Mandelbrot shader . Duplicate it and then select the duplicate and double click on it to bring up it's Properties Window . This way we;ll preserve our original for this session . Select the line of VSL code (make sure the Advanced Box is checked if you don't see any VSL code )Color*=Curve(Map coords.X) and immediately you will be presented with a Splined Curve . It is this curve that we will use to modify the colouring a bit .


the Splined Colour Curve

As we can see the Fractal is predominately Red and that corresponds to the single Red Colour Spline . Let's change that a bit . Grab one of the Splines Control Points and move them around and re-render . Repeat this procedure to see what changes may be possible . Below we see where a bit of an overlapping of the Control Splines results in a gradient between the Red and Green when rendered .


Notice the Splines Position and the Resulting Gradient Change

To speed up the learning process , speed up the rendering process . Check here for some brief tips on speeding up an average Realsoft project . Interface_Customizing_-_a_brief_explanation . Lot's can be done to here . Zoom in and re-render. Create a animation of a steady zoom into an infinite fractal . Lot's can be done here , but start by copying the original Material to a good spot in your Realsoft directory , and your new creation if you are happy with that , and then you'll have it in case you want to add it to one of your Realsoft Projects . Do the same as above for your Julia-Example project .

Some Examples of What can be done

This is a good material to start exploring the many facets of Realsoft's potential for a little fun , but for now just have a ittle fun modifying the Spine curves , maybe remove the default mapping and try adding a sphere mapping or create a sphere and add a different mandelbrot sphere mapping . Just expereiment and see if you can get this shader to reveal some of it's amazing potential .


Mandelbrot Render 99

Good Luck with your Work Studio 07:13, 8 February 2006 (CET)