Linux specific tips

From Realsoft3D Wiki

  • Realsoft saves the customized windows into your $HOME/.realsoft/windows folder. If a window goes bonkers, delete the corresponding file in the folder: this'll return the window to it's default state.
  • RS3D's appearance can be edited just like any other Motif app's: the configuration file is /usr/local/realsoft3d/resources/Realsoft3D
  • The font display application "xfontsel" is ideally suited to choosing an alternative font for the RS3D interface. It displays the definition for the selected font in the format required by the Realsoft3D resource file. In xfontsel, simply select the desired values in the various fields; choosing the most important option first and additional settings, one at a time. xfontsel will display the available fonts that satisfy the set criteria, after each change.
  • If you want to use kb shortcuts with numlock on, change the accelerators in the Realsoft3D resource file from "Ctrl<Key>..." to "Mod2 Ctrl<Key>...".
  • Make checkboxes a bit more appealing: Realsoft3D*enableToggleVisual: True
  • Make menu selection more visible: Realsoft3D*enableEtchedInMenu: True
  • Colors in the Realsoft3D resource file, may be specified by name, per this X Color Chart ; or by any valid RGB value in hexadecimal format.
  • Sometimes, if one is on another desktop when post processing completes, the rendered image is not in the view window. To easily bring it back, right-click and then hit the escape key.