Importing xfrog models

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This topic is for advanced users with plenty of time to waste. Expect crashes and frustration.

XFrog XFrog is a program for making models of vegetation. Importing the models into Realsoft 3D is not fun, but here's what I've discovered so far. I've never had any luck importing models with more than 150000 polygons.

  • If you get texture right in XFrog it's better. If your texture is tiled along a leaf you may need to know how much. None of the texture information (colours and filenames) are imported, but UV is. These can be scaled in Realsoft using linear VSL objects. I won't mention this again here. Hopefully I'll remember it later when I need it.
  • Export from XFrog to .obj. Make MTL file. Don't know what the options mean but this works.
  • Make sure UV imports Pointwise, not by face.
  • You have to rotate - axis by 90 degrees.
  • You have to build the textures from scratch. If your UVs are scaled properly you only have to make a VSL shader with one object - a texture whose input is set to UV coords.
  • If you need to scale the textures put a Linear object adhead of the texture. Input and Output are set to UVcoords.
  • Rendering - you may see facets in the model. To change this go to the spec tab of the object's properties page, and change Render to Polygon to Render to rectangles. Now at some of the bends in the tree trunks there will be wrinkles. I fixed this by selecting the whole object and clicking T->Q, which converts all triangles to rectangles.
  • There seems to be a problem importing a square for a leaf. You have to go to properties/spec of the leaf and uncheck wrap u and wrap p. The leaves in the image are made on squares with a jpg for the leaf and a jpg for the transparency. A material template for leaves made of squares.