General Tips

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Setting View Window Preferences

Colors and Ground Plane

Some options are only available in Realsoft3D version 6.

From the "File" menu select "Preferences". Click on the "Classes" tab in the resulting window. Click on the "+" symbol to the left of the "Asynchronous Drawing" folder. Click on the resulting "Window Drawing" tool.

This brings up a list in the "Attributes" section of the window. Here you can set values by clicking on an attribute and changing the value in the field that appears below the attribute list.

A Brief Explanation of the Attributes:

These are self explanatory with, perhaps, the exception of:

Label: The color of the text labels for the view window quadrants.

Ground: The color of the ground plane grid lines.

Ground Density: The grid interval dimension for the ground plane.

Ground Cycle: The interval between emphasized (thicker) grid lines for ground plane.

Axis Length: The length of the the reference axis, located in the lower, left corner of each viewport.

Other settings relating to these, such as toggling the visibility of the ground plane, can be found under the "Input" tab in the "View Properties" window (invoked by selecting "View Properties" from the right-click, viewport menu).

Faster wireframe drawing using OGL

Note: This is not necessary for Realsoft 3D version 6; it is the default behavior.

Depending on the graphics card being used, wireframe drawing may be faster and smoother using OGL with shaded mode toggled off.

The checkbox for this is located in the "Canvas options" section, under the "Draw" tab, in the "View Properties" window.

To make switching between shaded and unshaded modes more convenient the action may be bound to a hotkey combination, in the following manner.

If it is not already, set the canvas option to OGL mode by selecting it from the "Canvas" drop-down list or by pressing the h key.

Record a macro of toggling shaded mode off. Information about recording macros and making custom key bindings as required for this tutorial can be found in the Realsoft User Manual: /gui/keybindings.html

Name it something intutive such as, "OGL-shaded off".

Record another, separate macro, of toggling shaded mode on; name it in a similar manner.

Assign both of these macros to the same hotkey combination; alt-g is a likely choice.

Now, alt-g switches between shaded and unshaded OGL modes.

Do not forget to save the startup file or an environment file, or the new macro definitions and key binding will be lost.