Exporting images to HDRShop

From Realsoft3D Wiki

  • Select 'Storage Type' as Integer in RS3D Illumination properties. The 'Norm' parameter must be 65535.
  • Render to *.r3i
  • Start HDRShop. In the 'Load RAW Data File' dialog box set up parameters as follow:
    • Width, Height = your image dimensions
    • Gamma = 1.0
    • Header Size = 78
    • Data type = Unsigned 32 Bit
  • Go to 'Image'->'Transform' and execute 'Flip Vertical' command.
  • Go to 'View'->'Display Curve' and select 'Gamma 1.0'.
  • Reduce exposure by pressing the "-" key (minus key on numeric keypad) until you get a proper exposure.
  • Press 'Ctrl'+'0'.

Now you have a real 32-bpc image. Save it as Radiance HDR and use as you like.