Clay Renders

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Preview renders with no materials and an 'overcast' lighting are usually called Clay renders. This article will show three ways of doing this in RS. Both methods can be used with- or without a key light. The lighting setup can also be used for real renders, but it's a bit boring.

Special light method

  • Add a point light far away from the scene to represent the sun
  • Set its quality to > 0 and size to a value high enough to cause nice soft shadows
  • Create a big analytical sphere around the scene and rotate it so that one of the poles point towards the point light
    • A special light created from an analytical sphere will emit more light from the poles
  • Select the sphere and click on the 'Special'-button in the Light Sources tab and click accept.
  • Set the special light color to a desaturated dark blue
  • Set a complementary color to the point light
  • Render, tweak, render....

GI method

  • Create the point light and sphere
  • Set the sphere color to 0, make it shadow invisible and non-shadowcasting
  • Set its illumination to the desaturated-dark-blue
  • Add GI material to rest of the geometry
  • Render, tweak, render....

AO method

  • Create the point light
  • Add AO material to the project root
  • Set its color to the desaturated-dark-blue
  • Render, tweak, render....