Change Intensity of Groups of Lights

From Realsoft3D Wiki

  1. Select a bunch of lights and drop them to a level.
  2. Create a new material and add a "Light Properties" Shader.
  3. Add a "Linear" object to the shader. Input = Illumination, Output = Illumination
  4. Change the multiplier value of the Linear object. You can change the colour of the lights by using non-equal values for the three parameters.
  5. Assign the material to the level containing the lights.

To create a GUI for the Shader:

  1. Go to the 'Attributes' tab of the shader
  2. Find the line 'Illumination=Linear(Illumination) Scale' and click on it
  3. Click on 'Show'
  4. Add a name and tooltip if you find the need to do so

Now if you untick 'Advanced', you'll see the scale control.