Antialiased Wireframe Rendering

From Realsoft3D Wiki

The default outline/wireframe rendering isn't antialiased. This tutorial gives a short description on how to render antialiased wireframes.

  1. Drag&Drop the black&white outline rendering render setting to the view window
  2. Create a new Line post effect, open its properties and set min line width to 0.06 or so.
  3. Create a new Post Image, set its output scales to 0.25
  4. Add the Line effect to the Post Image
  5. Drag&Drop the Post Image to the view window
  6. Render
  • The Post Image scaling scales the image down, so basically a 500*500 image is rendered as 2000*2000 and then scaled down to 500*500
  • The Line post effect thickens the lines so they keep the ~1 pixel thickness